Please select the best team for you.
Creative Team
The Creative Team seeks to equip and empower those who have been gifted with music abilities and creative talents. We strive to work together in unity to create a worship experience that leads people into the presence of God from areas like; worship, multimedia, design, and more. 
Outreach Team
Each year we pick one mission project to partner with, which offer opportunities for people to serve and give together. Being a part of this team will be life changing.
SLAM Team 
The SLAM Team assists or Children’s Pastor and works with our children all year long. Some are teachers, some are leaders, and some just support. Our Kids ages include S.L.A.M. Nursery (birth – 2 years of age) S.L.A.M. Tots (Pre-School Ages: 3-5) S.L.A.M. Kids (Elementary Grades: K – 5th)
Youth Life Team
The Youth Life Team Assists our Youth Pastor and works with the Youth of the church all year long. This team is designed to encourage, empower, and equip our teens with the guidance they need to succeed in life while assisting them in their spiritual walk. 
Usher Team
The Usher Team at Blackville takes care of the people. This team helps everyone by directing traffic, seating people, receiving the offering, and the list goes on.  
Greeter Team
The greeter team will be the first to “greet” everyone at Blackville. This team is made up of smiling faces, good personalities, and expressive people. We want to make sure everyone feels welcome at Blackville and this team helps us do just that.
Maintenance Team
Just like doing Maintenance at home, we have to maintain our church. The maintenance team is designed to help maintain the church by consistently making sure the mechanical operations (light bulbs, toilets, electrical, water, etc.) are normal.